Elite offshore marketing, sales and operations talent: For experts by experts

Building the most profitable and productive sales and marketing teams in the world. 100% money-back guarantee

Who is this for?

We only work with agency owners and internal marketing leaders in established or growing organizations. This is not for immature teams or those who aren’t experiencing consistent growth (sorry!). If you’re growing or looking to rebuild an established marketing team to increase profitability and output, we’ll be happy to chat.

What roles can we help you find?

Some staffing agencies and recruiters have limitations to what roles they can fill. We, to put it simply, do not. If it's a role within the marketing ecosystem (marketing, sales, or operations typically) we can and will find the best offshore candidates currently on the market and deliver them to you quickly. Yes, we’re that confident in our team.

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Why source offshore talent with Heroes and Sidekicks?

Founded by elite agency owners

We were founded by veteran marketers and agency owners out of necessity. When traditional staffing agencies and the Upworks of the world made it hard to find good talent, we went to work building a recruiting department of our own. Hundreds of placements later, Heroes and Sidekicks stands as the world's premier offshore talent solution for marketers.

In the insanely competitive marketing landscape, you need the best talent to cost ratio possible to get ahead. Given the decades of marketing experience we bring to the table, we intimately understand what makes a great media buyer, copywriter, or SDR compared to an “okay” one, and that’s how you win.

We manage and support you/your team “forever”

One of the greatest challenges of hiring offshore (beyond the logistics and time required) is the management of non-local talent. We maintain a tight relationship with our clients to help support and manage the individuals we place on an ongoing basis.

Need them to polish their communication, we’ll coach them through it. Not getting one of your internal processes? We’ll run drills with them until they can do it in their sleep. We know the devil is in the details when running a fast-paced, high-pressure marketing team, so we work on those details until you’re operating at maximum capacity.

Dedicated systems, process and delegation support

Not only do we support and manage your new team member(s), we support you as well. As an H&S client you get a dedicated Client Success Manager assigned to your account to make your onboarding and initial delegation a walk in the park.

But wait, there's more (sorry, couldn’t help it)! Our CSM’s all have marketing project management experience and will provide expert feedback on how to make the most of your new team member(s). That includes helping you rebuild workflows and processes, determining areas where they can take more work off your plate, and providing suggestions that allow for as much autonomy as possible.

On-demand, week to week commitments

We know that some weeks are maxed out and overflowing into the weekend, while others are a little on the quiet side. For that reason, marketing teams don’t always need a full time hire. Upwork is full of entitlement and empty promises while traditional staffing agencies require either a part time or full time commitment and are completely inflexible.

We’ve developed a model that promotes unrivaled flexibility and maximum dedication to your team (remember, you want on-demand team members, not freelancers!). Our 15 hour minimum allows you to keep recurring costs low and scale to meet demand as required by your workload.

Operations and scaling consulting

Remember when we said we were founded by elite agency owners? You don’t achieve that by just being a great marketer, you do it by mastering operations and systems of scale. Our founders built 20+ and 40+ person teams, then rebuilt them with offshore talent to dramatically increase profitability.

As a part of the H&S family you’ll receive coaching and direction from the founders to help you build the most productive and profitable teams possible. They’ll also share their secrets to lead gen, client success, sales, and other critical components of this industry that will allow you to fast track your success.

100% money-back guarantee

Last but surely not least on the list, at Heroes and Sidekicks we put our money where our mouth is. We’re extremely confident that we’re the best offshore talent solution available to agencies and marketing teams.

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If you don’t like the service we’ve provided, give us a chance to make it right. If we can’t do that quickly and easily, we’ll refund your last billing cycle in full and we’ll all go about our business. Easy as that!.

Clients love us. Like, really love us...

Focus more on what matters.

Where do you source your talent?

People ask us all the time where we find our talent. The truth is that we find them all over the world, in different countries, on different channels. We look EVERYWHERE (places others don’t/won’t) for extremely talented individuals, which is why we come up with more candidates and better talent than anyone else in the industry.

How do we work together?

Next steps are simple: Schedule a 20 minute call, tell us what you need, we’ll find and evaluate a few unicorns for you to meet (we really do find some amazing humans). Once you decide on a winner we’ll schedule an onboarding, hold everyone’s hands through the integration phase, and then we’re off to the races!

Focus more on what matters.

Elite offshore marketing, sales and operations talen: For expert marketers by marketers

Because every super hero is so much better off with a sidekick. More than just offshore staffing... with each hire, you are gaining a team that backs them;Because every super heroe is so much better off with a sidekick. More than just offshore staffing... with each hire, you are gaining a team that backs them;
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