Listing optimization/management (more bookings), guest communication (happier guests/better reviews), dynamic pricing (more profit), cleaning coordination (zero stress), maintenance coordination (zero hassle), and so much more.

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Check out all the goodies that you get when you have BnB Heroes at your side.belt - standard issue when you become a Hero (client).



Constant communications (happier guests and more bookings)

Your listings get a team of always online, elite-level, short term rental management experts assigned to them for round-the-clock communications.

We interact on your behalf so you get all the credit for sub 2-minute response times, thoughtful guest interactions, and helpful suggestions that translate to glowing reviews!

Everything from typical booking inquiries to last-minute updates, late-night questions, recommendations about your listing or local area, and more.

Rather than you constantly checking your phone for notifications and missing things while you’re sleeping, wake up every day knowing your team has your listings handled and your guests are happy.

Optimizes communication channels and systems so you’re always on the same page with your Sidekick.



Done-for-you dynamic pricing updates (more profits, zero hassle)

Every listing you onboard with BnB Heroes gets added to Pricelabs to integrate dynamic pricing for your units (100% on us!)

You set your base rate and we’ll never go below that (but we’ll get you as much as possible, any chance we can).

Each and every day we adjust pricing for your listings to account for seasonality, days of the week trends, lead time adjustments, holidays, and more.

This all translates to maximizing your revenue and squeezing every ounce of profit from every listing we manage (after all, we’re the team that builds more time, profit, and freedom into your life!).

Team of former agency marketing, sales, and tech experts at your Sidekick’s beck and call FOREVER.



2 minute or less response times (more bookings and raving reviews)

Rapid response times make for happy guests AND happy STR platforms (Airbnb and VRBO base a large percentage of your host rating on your responsiveness).

Your guests get answers to questions in an instant with our two minute or less average response time and leave rave reviews about how well you looked after them!

Airbnb and VRBO see how much you care and how quickly you respond (even in the middle of the night) and reward you by boosting your host and listing ratings.

Let our rapid response times translate to huge benefits in the eyes of your guests and the platforms AND build time and freedom into your life.



Deep research on what makes your listing and your area awesome (talk about service!)

YOU know what makes your listing special, but not every guest will.

We’ll take tons of time to research your listing so we can make the same helpful recommendations that you would and help your guests have the best experience ever.

We’ll also take a deep dive into what makes your listing’s neighborhood awesome so we can be locked and loaded with recommendations, suggestions, and pointers for virtually any and all guest inquiries.

Even though we’re miles away, your guests will feel as if you have a local guide and next-door concierge at their beck and call.



OCD-level cleaning coordination (dazzling first impressions, rave reviews, zero hassle)

Cleaning headaches be gone! With your team of experts at your side you can all but forget about the cleaning and turnover of your listings.

We’re a team of neat freaks that work with your cleaners to ensure your units are 110% ready for your incoming guests, poised to receive a rave review and cleanliness score.

We’ll make sure your cleaner knows when to arrive and make sure they’re done with plenty of time to spare, all without you having thought about the turnover once!

If you’re cleaning becomes unavailable we’ll tag in a backup to make sure that everything gets done and the turnover goes off without a hitch.



Expert coordination of maintenance and repairs (rest easy, even with the big stuff)

Nobody likes dealing with the plumber, the pool guy, the handyman, the electrician, the HVAC guy, filling the heating oil or natural gas, servicing the septic system, or any of that stuff.

Least of all YOU with all of the other things you have to focus on (or not focus on, after all, this is a semi-passive income stream, right?)

But somebody has to do it and our experts have coordinated even the most obscure maintenance requests (occasionally with a little help from our clients).

We’ll handle everything from coordinating routine maintenance based on a schedule you determine (and make sure everyone shows up) to one-off fixes that require rapid turnaround times to accommodate your next guests.



Resolution Center, damage, claims, and more done for you (goodbye headaches)

While infrequent, sh*t happens. Occasionally you have to submit, reply to, or dispute a claim. Leave your interactions with the resolution center to your team of Heroes.

We’ll do what’s right and make sure to guest issues are handled fairly and WIN most of the cases we take on.

We’ll submit damage claims on your behalf and make sure repairs are handled swiftly and with little or none of your time or attention.

Rest easy knowing that your team of Heroes is handling the day-to-day AND the tough stuff to keep your listing right on track and your profits pouring in.



Simplest, lowest risk terms and fees in the business (time, profit, and freedom for YOU)

Most co-hosts and management companies charge a percentage (10%-20% of gross), meaning that when you have an awesome, highly profitable month, they take more of that profit. Our rate stays the same no matter what.

Our commitments are week to week, meaning you love the service more than you loved your childhood dog, or you move on (zero risk).

To make this an absolute no-brainer, we provide a lifetime money-back guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy with the service for any reason you’re entitled to a refund of your most recent invoice.

There are zero onboarding fees, no hidden costs or upsells, no last-minute charges. What you see if what you pay each and every week for ever and ever and ever…



Ready to use, copy and paste template library

Live one-on-one strategy calls on how to develop your appointment setting program for your agency.

How to structure your offer, how to de-risk your services, who to reach out to, what to say in your messaging, which channels to reach out on, and more.

Filler content

We’ll even help you write your messaging and build your lead lists so you’re set up for success right out of the gate.

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Our triple strength 100% money-back guarantee

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find a better hosting team for a better price anywhere, period. If you do, you’re entitled to your most recent invoice refunded in full.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with something, we’ll make it right. If we can’t make it right, you’re entitled to your most recent invoice refunded in full with no further questions asked.

Consistency Guarantee

If you’re not seeing consistent, measurable progress with your listings or your bottom line from having worked with us, you’re (you guessed it!) entitled to your most recent invoice refunded in full.

More happy Heroes…

Not all of our clients can show their faces on camera (it's a Hero/secret identify thing) but here are a few more examples of what people are saying about working with Heroes.

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Tools, tasks, projects, and platforms we can help with

Scroll through the carousel to see just a few of the tools our team can support (we can do all of these and so much more!)

A message from our Founder…

BnB Heroes is the world’s highest ROI way to manage your Airbnb and VRBO short-term rentals, period.

I don’t want to come across as arrogant, but it’s hard not to be proud when you get to see behind the scenes at BnB Heroes. You see, there is simply no better way to delegate your short-term rental hosting responsibilities, of that I’m extremely confident.

We have created the world’s most effective co-hosting machine by combining a business that will go down in the “operational efficiency hall of fame” with a team of elite-level short-term rental experts who genuinely LOVE what they do.

The result is a service that is markedly different from our competitors and something that leaves both our clients and their guests with an overwhelmingly positive experience that is unrivaled in our industry. And that’s what I want you to see for yourself.

So take a few minutes and speak to our Hosting Strategist. Based on our business model, we lose money if we onboard clients and they drop off quickly, so this will be the lowest pressure discovery call you’ve ever taken.

We’re simply aiming to evaluate where you currently stand, determine if we can help (we can’t help everyone so we’re evaluating fit too), and share what that would look like. Simple, easy, zero-pressure. Hope to see you on the inside soon.

To your time, profits, and freedom!

Nick Deck

CEO and Co-Founder

You're already a hero.It's time you had a team of your caliber at your side. Take back your time, focus on what matters, scale your portfolio the right way.
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